Affiliate Program

I want to be an Affiliate. Tell me about the program!
The Empower Bands affiliate program is a way that you can make money from your existing network, blogs, articles. By joining the program, you will be issued a unique referral code which you can then share with your network (social media accounts, website, blog, etc.) When someone shops our website using your code, the sale will be attributed to you.

You will earn from 10% commission of each sale generated via your unique referral code.

Bottom line - Why should I become an Affiliate?
It’s a great and simple way to make money from your existing network. There is not limit on what you can earn and it’s a great way to support a brand who shares your values.

How does the affiliate program work?
Once your registration has been approved, you can login into your account where you will find your unique referral code which can be shared amongst your network. You will also be able to track commission earnt from your unique code by logging into your account.

How do I promote this to my network?
There are lots of ways you can promote your unique referral code. Some of the ways you can do this include sharing your code on social media, on your website, or writing a blog post including a link to your code.

How do you track sales?
Since your referral code is unique to you, it’s a perfect way to track sales. Sales and commissions via your unique code can also be tracked by you simply by logging into your affiliate account.

How much commission do I get paid?
Our commission rate starts at 10% and increases based on performance.

When will I get paid my commission?
When you have been approved as an affiliate, make sure you enter either your bank details or details of your PayPal/VENMO account. Your commission will be paid into your preferred method. Commission is issued at the end of every calendar month.

Please note if an item is cancelled or returned, your commission will be disapproved and non-payable.


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